Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pinky's modus operandus

Agreeing to the ride, Ms A. says she was barely in the car for one minute when something triggered inside her head. “I can still hear the sound of the four door locks clicking shut — I don’t know why, but I felt uneasy right from then.” According to the victim, her night of terror began as soon as Gallagher pulled the car away from the curb. “What’s a bitch like you doing in a bar?” he demanded.

Gallagher’s Victim: “I Thought I was Going to Die”


Anonymous said...

This elfin sized pile of shit stinks so badly that he cannot bear his own stench.

Look at that photo again. This is the face of utter evil, with a wrinkled nose suffering his own emissions.

When will he be gone forever?

Bubba, would you please come to get your lover. He's afraid of you.

Anonymous said...

She has to be friggin kiddin me - "She thought she was going to die". Can't she read- every week in the USA there is someone murdered in that fashion. Thats the MAIN reason you DONT get in a car with a stranger DUHHHHH!!! THAT person might harm you. They tell this to kids everyday in school.
(Webster Dictionary- STRANGER: Someone who is not an aquaintance)

Lack of judgement. Thats a good reason not to get shit-faced in a bar alone.
Stupid and sad story - both of these people are bad news.

Anonymous said...

Neither one was drunk. And he wasn't a stranger, he was her councilman. I mean really, who would have thought?

Anonymous said...

"Thats a good reason not to get shit-faced in a bar alone."

She wasn't alone. Read the story.

Anonymous said...

The JPCA's former Man of the Year.

Anonymous said...

I hope the victim contacts a slew
of women's rights groups and mounts a civil action
to sue his f-----g pink ass off !

Imagine a depraved psychotic sadist
who's holding public office?

It only goes to show you that pols
are little more than a step above child abusers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, D.A. Brown for throwing the case.....
you "giant" of "justice"....all 5'6" of you !

Whose instructions did you follow
in letting Gallagher off with a token slap?

Anonymous said...

Gallagher is white trash!

Anonymous said...

5'6" tall? Brown? Yeah right. He would reach that height standing on a milk crate.

Anonymous said...

And this rat-faced bastard Gallagher was given no jail time and another month in office?

There should be a mass march on District Attorney Brown's office!

Anonymous said...

Oh my... what a looker!

Anonymous said...

Gallagher is white trash. So is this woman. Those two pigs deserved one another. However, Much like Mary Jo Kopechne, this woman is an accidental hero. Kopechne kept Teddy-the-Lifeguard from occupying the Oval Office. This slob got Pinky outta office. I guess a thank you is in order.

Anonymous said...

White trash usually is on welfare and in section 8 housing. This woman and her husband own their own home. Besides, even if you're "white trash" do you deserve to be raped by pink trash?

Drrea said...

Who says that White Trash can't own a house and NOT be on welfare???

Anyone grown woman who hangs out in bar,drinks with her councilman, gets in his car for a ride to who know where and is married it white trash in my book...

Get real... SEX with a politician does not constitute rape and besides anyone who lives in Middle Trash Village and doesn't vote must have been too drunk on election day!

How do you not know the councilman representing your neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

"Anyone grown woman who hangs out in bar,drinks with her councilman, gets in his car for a ride to who know where and is married it white trash in my book..."

Excellent use of grammatical skill. She was eating dinner with a friend in the restaurant section of the bar. She did not drink with Gallagher. Gallagher told her he would drive her home and her friend said it was ok to trust him. She is older than Gallagher and looks even older. This wasn't a college kid. Why should she expect to be raped?

Anonymous said...

She got INTO the car with him and only HIM. She was alone. So her friend knew he was a councilman.
Big deal. Obviously, her girlfriend lacks common sense also.

When he called her a bitch in the car - why did she go up 2 flight of stairs to his office? Why didnt she fight him off right then and there. Basically she had to tell her husband something- how can she justify staying out late - coming home drunk - stinking like another man, and oh yeah all those bruises. Tawana Brawley of Middle Village.

To the last poster...
So a college kid should have expected to get raped.

Also- Section 8 housing is not welfare - disabled people who cant work get Section 8 (My mom rented to a US Army Veteran who based on his wartime injury was qualified for Section 8 housing)

Anonymous said...

As angry as I am about the plea bargain when I read some of these comments I wonder if Judge Brown was afraid of there being too many oppionated dinasours for a jury.

Makes me feel like a woman living in the 18th Century. I guess I'm also a senior citizen slut.

Again, she was not drunk - tested at the hospital. Dinasours believe what they want to believe. Please don't mix them up with the facts

Drrea said...

I say this as a woman... Drunk or not she had more than one opportunity to walk away and not enter the Councilman's office.

I am sure she was smart enough to know that she was not going to his office to see his matchbox car collection.

Why is that she needed a ride home anyway??? why is it that her so called friend did not provide her with a ride???

I am sure the fact that she had some explaining to do to her husband helped her embellish the story. Bottom line both parties are married and had sex!

Anonymous said...

If you read the story, she did not feel that she had an opportunity to leave bgecause he was threatening her. When someone is belligerent and threatening, you do what they say to avoid being killed. She had cuts and bruises on her knees - what was this from? Rough sex? You must have also believed Robert Chambers. Her friend did not give her a ride home because her boyfriend arrived at the bar and Gallagher had offered the victim a ride.

I love it when women blame other women for being victims of rape. It allows men to get away with it, like what happened here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you know what I'd say.

Anonymous said...

To any moron who thinks that the woman was at fault. Read the story.

BTW, this is NOT the first woman who Gallagher attacked. They are coming out of the woodwork.

This guy is a sexual deviant, plain and simple. Anyone who defends him is either blind, deaf or Jake LaSala.

Anonymous said...

With that mug the only way he can get some action is by attacking women.

Anonymous said...

Rape is not about sex - rape is about control. Two of his goons tried to intimidate me at City Hall. Good thing I'm a tough senior citizen slut.

Anonymous said...

To anyone who never really understood the meaning of the word "lickspittle", quite a few of these comments will help.

The total, unthinking devotion to a public figure, the willful blindness to the depravities of that public person, and the rabid hatred for any person who has the audacity to bring bad attention to the object of the lickspittle's adoration - these are some of the sad traits of the common, moronic lickspittle.

The victim of Gallagher's assault was not drunk. I understand the great pleasure derived from repeating the lie, but, medical evidence says she was sober.

The victim of Gallagher's violent, rage-filled assault does not weigh 200 pounds, as the sexual offender has repeated. She was not "dragged" up the stairs to his office. The criminal put something against her back to convince his sober victim that she had a gun in her back. With that, she, a rational, sober, far less that 200 pounder followed the criminal's demands, hoping to just live through the violence.

[Can anyone discover if this criminal has and carries a pistol, or if he has a pistol permit from NYPD?] It IS possible he actually had a pistol at the victim's back. Will lickspittles Jake or Gabriel give us the facts on this? Have you the capacity to give facts?

Lickspittles: learn to read with a little comprehension. Shop for a brain so you might learn to figure things out and think for yourselves. Learn how to distinguish the victim from the criminal. Then, get a spine and tell the truth.

Oh, yeah, lickspittles, sober up. Stop hanging out with drunken louts like this elfin shit.

He never once represented any district. The pink shit was unrecognizable to decent people because he never accomplished anything.

The good citizens of District 30 are far superior to this shitbag, who was never representative of good people. He was representative of the lickspittles. Peas (piss?) in a pod.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. All this evidence some posters are pointing out. It only exists in the Forum article. It's the victims words (And I use the word victim because Gallagher did plead guilty.) But please, folks, lets not confuse the victims verbal account to Pat Adams as "evidence'. That would be the same as considering Gallaghers side of the story as "evidence".

Anonymous said...

He looks like a rodent.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the victim's words would have been used to determine Gallagher's guilt if she had been given the opportunity to speak in court. But the DA denied her that by making a sweetheart deal with Gallagher. He did that so that Joe Crowley's cousin, Elizabeth, could assume the seat in a special election.

Anonymous said...

Available to all on the internet are 26 pages of grand jury testimony and the judge Roman's ruling that the evidence presented to the grand jury was sufficient to proceed to trial - without the tanking done by the DA's lackey, Appelbaum, with his idiotic questions designed to obtain a dismissal.

The victim, the police and the DA have forensic evidence sufficient to have put the shitpile away for 25 years.

You see, we don't yak without knowing of what we speak.

Unless you are Gallagher, you don't have a clue as to what happened. If you are, indeed, Gallagher, be a man and apologize publicly for the horror you inflicted on the woman. And then apologize for existing.

Anonymous said...

I've read the Grand Jury minutes. It is page after page of testimony from police detectives, bartenders, bar patrons and a medical expert who testified that a sexual act occurred. Please be so kind as to cite the page number and line within these proceedings where this "forensic" evidence is discussed. Otherwise, taxpayer, ye DO NOT know of what you speak.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer said "Available to all on the internet are 26 pages of grand jury testimony and the judge Roman's ruling that the evidence presented to the grand jury was sufficient to proceed to trial" not that the grand jury testimony contained references to forensic evidence. The DA was going to present it at the trial. Oh well.

Gallagher already admitted to committing adultery, his kids are old enough to understand what that is, and he had no reason to cop a plea unless he knew the sex was actually rape and pleading was his only way of escaping prison. If there was no forensic evidence of rape, then he never would have taken the deal or resigned.

Anonymous said...

Cut off Gallagher's PEN-sion !

(I'll bet you thought I meant
the "other thing"....heh, heh, heh).