Monday, March 24, 2008

Yankee Stadium's public costs skyrocket

The cost of replacing the parkland being destroyed to build the new Yankee Stadium has ballooned to $190 million - 48% more than the city had anticipated, city officials said Wednesday.

Costs for park at old Yankee Stadium jump 48%

How Much Is That Stadium In The Window?

Photo from Village Voice


Anonymous said...

So what.

Anonymous said...

Nice to throw stuff like this back in the face when the developers snidely ask us to by back the endangered property.

Our taxes already help the developers, so why dont we demand they pay us back?

Anonymous said...

Here we go once again.

Bloomberg and Benepe at the Parks Department give our land away to a private developer (along with our tax dollars to build a profit making business), then inflate the price of restoring and developing a park.

Why inflate? Kickbacks babe, kickbacks! What did you think: this is a church or some kind of honest operation?