Friday, March 21, 2008

Jamaica crap evacuated

Families in Queens were forced onto the streets last week as their homes were found to be illegally converted to hold more people than intended to.

The Department of Buildings (DOB) served a notice to the owner of two neighboring buildings in Jamaica for squeezing over three dozen people into a limited amount of space on Thursday, March 13, according to initial televised reports.

The DOB responded to calls made by the Fire Department to make a structural stability inspection on a residence located at 148-49 88th Avenue. The inspection led to the issuance of a vacancy order after it was determined that the home was converted from a two-family apartment building into a five-family building. According to the DOB, “these conditions pose serious safety hazards to tenants and first responders.”

The neighboring residence, 148-47 88th Avenue was also found to be illegally converted into a three-family home, forcing inspectors to vacate families from there as well.

The owner of both Queens buildings, Misvah Ahmed, bought the homes about five years ago and claims that he tried to legalize the conversion of both houses in order to support a higher occupancy. According to Ahmed though, an architect he hired to handle the legalization of both buildings had filed the papers and the Department of Finance began taxing him as if the conversions were approved.

Illegal conversions force families into the street


Anonymous said...

That's a start!!!

Let's hope the city continues to evacuate even more homes that are illegally occupied.

First and foremost, it's illegal. It's also a fire hazzard. And more often that not the home just starts to look like crap too.

Anonymous said...

More illegal dormitories to house illegal aliens!

Anonymous said...

Let's start cleaning house.

Anonymous said...

Full of the tweeded, the heard and soul of the machine.

Nothing will happen. Three months that building will be the same.

Thank you cluhouse.

Anonymous said...

thats funny ...nothing has been filed as per DOB records to change the occupancy as per the owners odd.

Anonymous said...

Of course no papers have been filed.

This freakin' builder probably comes from a completely lawless country and has no idea what it's like to live by rules and laws.

Anonymous said...

This freakin' builder probably comes from a completely lawless country and has no idea what it's like to live by rules and laws.

Not true! He understands the law of the 'market.' A building inspector, and politician, each has their own 'price.'

The point is, a government works because of common values. These people are corrupting the American system with their third world 'value system.'

Dont believe me? Go to their countries and see what their 'value system' does to a community.

Now go to any community in Queens and take a look at how things have gone in the past 30 years.

Yes indeed, clubhouse, we are the world.

Yes .... indeed ....

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of these dwellings - DOB turns a blind eye towards this issue. Self certification is a sham. Complaints to DOB are ignored.