Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some think new pool is uncool

Rumors about the pool are rife with patrons often getting upset on the basis of secondhand information. Bertuccio explained that the scheduled programming had just started and classes run by the company managing the pool, USA Pools, aren’t free to members. She said that a lot of the confusion is due to the newness of the schedule.

Information coming from the management is not always reliable. Bertuccio was first told that members would be charged $10 for lap swimming until 11 a.m., and after 7 p.m. However she was later able to confirm that lap swimming is free to members at all times during operating hours.

When asked about the schedule, pool management directed the Queens Chronicle to its Web site When told that the page was not available, they said to go to the Parks Department Web site, which is hard to navigate and didn’t appear to have the schedule listed.

USA Pools charges $80 for six lessons to be used over two weeks on activities like water aerobics and swimming lessons. The Parks Department, which owns the complex, also runs classes, but theirs are free.

Flushing resident John Tandana, cancelled his membership the day he joined. He decided he’d rather spend more and go to a private gym. His complaints included, lack of a dry place for his towel and glasses, the water being too cold, tiny lockers and the shower water being too hot.

Flushing Meadows Pool Disappoints Some Users


georgetheatheist said...

I swim there alot. However, they do need bigger lockers and more benches.

Also, no one uses the diving pool. It just sits there empty while everyone else is squeezed into the lap and free-area pools. The first few days the diving area was cordoned-off for lap swimming.

"The water temperature is fine and the shower temp too." - Goldilocks

Anonymous said...

I swim there a lot also. While the pool can be quite crowded at times, the lap swimming area is generally good. (And yes, it IS free at all times).

The lockers are a bit tiny, but the pool temperature is great. The shower temperature is perfect also.

Drrea said...

I am glad to hear the positive comments flowing...

Anonymous said...

The shower temperature is too hot??

Geez, I'm glad I'm not married to that guy. What a pain he must be to live with.