Thursday, March 27, 2008

Charges dropped in Howard Beach case

A Queens grand jury has dropped all charges against a white Howard Beach man who allegedly threatened to torch a black neighbor's property in August 2007.

Guyanese family fears for life after jury KOs bias charges vs. white neighbor

A grand jury returned a "no true bill" this month, meaning charges against [Michael] Hussey will be dropped, said Kevin Ryan, a spokesman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

"The case against him has been dismissed," Ryan said.

This development throws a bit of a monkeywrench into the Albert Baldeo campaign...


Anonymous said...

Why do Guyanese,Paki's, Muzlums, Afro, Isrealis for that matter want to live in Howard Beach or Broad Channel ?

The Goombas should be kicking the crap out of the seller or Real Estate agent like the old days.
The Real Estate agent likley wanted there $$$ and didnt give a crap about there safty or just wanted to blockbust.

Eather way somebody needs some lumps, and it's not the poor family that baught it.

Anonymous said...

Blockbust? Joe, this is 2008, not 1975.
Your perpetuating ignorant stereotypes. It doesnt matter why they want to. They have a right to live where they want. Last time I checked, this America where your free to live anywhere you want as long as you can pay your bills,afford it and mind your own business. I think both sides have acted badly in this situation. The family has continuously annoyed their neighbors with building code violations, noise and disrepectful behavior. The neighbors were never wrapped too tight to begin with and have responded with childish and racist behavior. Overall, its a sad case, the real question is why does Howard Beach continue to remain so polarized?

Anonymous said...

Not ok to call people goombas either.

Anonymous said...

What stereotypes?
They prooved to be idiots !

These people move into a neighborhood and ruin or make there neighbors miserable a good 90% of the time.
The fumes from Indian, Guyanese cooking alone (what ever that crap is) is enough to kill ya. It sticks to walls, windows, who need that culture.

These people want to live noisey, sloppy, with 20 people in the house like in there home countrys.
NYC is experiencing the same sh*t we got hit with in 1965 after Kennedys immigration reform act. The only difference is insted of Cubens and Puerto Ricans, its Mid Easterners and Central American Latans
---Then Bring "extended family over" with arranged marriages.
That's why they buy and blow out building's "thats BS !!
They need to stay home !


Anonymous said...

Most racism stems from ignorance as Joe has shown by mispelling:

- Muzlums
- didnt
- safty
- baught
- eather
- prooved
- noisey
- Cubens
- Latens

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Queens my whole life and the Guyanese people are by far the most racist and offensive people I have ever encountered. Let's take a look at some of their exploits over the last few years:

1-Insurance salesman(guyanese immigrant) from Richmond Hill signs up down and out guyanese compatriots for life insurance (with himself as the benefactor) and murders them for money. arrested and sent to prison.

2-Child car worker(guyanese immigrant) performs oral sex on several 4-6 year old boys in a day care center in south ozone park. she is arrested and sentenced to prison.

3-airport employees(guyanese immigrants)plan their own 9/11 terror attack by blowing up fuel depot at Kennedy airport...they are caught and the plot fails. arrested and status unknown(maybe at Gitmo)

4- Off duty corrections officer(son of guyanese immigrants) shoots girlfriend in face with service revolver killing her instantly, on Atlantic Ave. in Woodhaven. Arrested and sentenced to prison.

5-Homeowner in Howard Beach builds illegal deck and boat launch towering over neighbors properties and instigates racial incident to get Dept. of Buildings to back off . Charges dropped against neighbor.

Let's recap the Guyanese contributions to Queens: Murderers, Child Molesters, Terrorists, Serial Abusers and Murderers of Women, and now add to that list "racial rabble rousers for personal gain."

Thank God Mayor Bloomberg made this a sanctuary city, how could we live without people like these.

Anonymous said...

Some Guyanese may be crooked and deserve to get their heads hacked off, like those you mentioned, but most are hard working citizens just like everybody else.

The same is true of Italians. Only a small percentage are thieving, murdering cut throats in organized crime rackets. The rest are honest and upright citizens. You just can't classify a whole group of people as no good based on the actions of a few.

You wouldn't like others to do it about people of your own ethnicity so don't do it yourself to those of another.

Anonymous said...

This guy Gounden still has not applied for any building permits from DOB, criminal charges were dropped against his neighbor, federally protected wetlands have been damaged, and it is everyones's fault but his. What chutzpah! Guess he has not figured out that if no pol, besides Barron, will help him it must be because he is in the wrong.

Anonymous said...

So, once again, the DA throws a case.

This time he throws it in favor of ignorant, illiterate racists.

He seems incapable of just doing an honest job.

How many other cases does he throw each year?

Anonymous said...

As far as throwing cases goes, the same Daily News edition that carried this article also had on about a crime in Howard Beach where white kids were attacked. Hate crimes go both ways.

Anonymous said...

Guyanese national??? Maybe he should consider US citizenship!

Anonymous said...

im a black man living in a almost white neighborhood in queens whitestone and never got this problem before