Thursday, March 27, 2008

Queens Mets fans count, damn it!

New York Mets Community Dates:

North Babylon - Friday May 9
Lynbrook - Tuesday May 27
Merrick - Thursday May 29
Mineola - Friday May 30
New Hyde Park/Garden City - Tuesday June 10
Half Hallow Hills - Friday June 13
Denville - Sunday June 15
Connetquot - Tuesday June 24
Lindenhurst - Thursday September 25

Bayside, Flushing, Long Island City, New Milford, Woodhaven - TBD

Apparently the Mets think there are only 4 towns in Queens worth setting a special date for, though they haven't done so yet. But if you live out on the Island, you're all set. Maybe this is part of their community benefits agreement...

Photo of Mets Van from what about the plastic animals?


We Light Up Queens said...

I second that!

I know plenty of people in Flushing that are not big enough baseball fans to go to a game at Shea. With the influence of a Mets caravan( which has been cut from the off season regiment)an increased local fan base would most likely result. The more the Mets go out of their way to support the locals the more the locals will support them. Myself, I am a die hard Mets fan. But most don't even follow baseball and become pseudo-Yankee fans.

who don't like pizza said...

That's because the *tweeded* in Queens care much more about soccer than baseball.

Anonymous said...

What happens at these community meetings?

Anonymous said...

EVERY game is a special queens date baby! sweet van.

Anonymous said...

Will someone have the cajones to ask the team how they feel about playing in a new stadium with 12,000 less seats? So much for fan support! The stadium sure looks pretty. However, Citifield is all about big $$$ development that caters to corporate interests and not the people who have supported the team throughout the decades. I saw the NY Metropolitans play at the Polo Grounds! Of course, there is always TV. Oh that's right, for most of the season we have to pay for that privilege as well.

Anonymous said...

LIC is Yankee territory cause LIC is not really part of Queens.