Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cell tower surprises Bayside

“Danger -ous, attractive nuisance, it’s a legal term and if you want to know how it came about, just look at that,” said Community Board 11 member Jerry Iannece.

He pointed to a T-Mobile cell phone tower that suddenly appeared in the parking lot behind the minimart on 35th Avenue, between the Clearview Expressway and 205th Street, in Bayside last week.

Janet McEneaney, president of the Northwest Clearview Civic Association, is furious. The tower has a Department of Buildings’ permit, but is freestanding. “What’s going on? The community board heard nothing, and they’re very upset, too,” she said.

Iannece and McEneaney are surprised that permission was given for this tower without any community review or input. “It’s freestanding. As I understood it, that requires scrutiny from the community,” Iannece said

The land is owned by Donald Anzlome, of Glen Head, L. I., but when contacted, he had no comment, either on how the structure came to be, or whether he was receiving rent for it. “I can’t take this call at this time,” he said.

McEneaney has been contacted by residents and civic leaders from hers and nearby civic associations. “These are going up all over. We will be T-mobile Land,” she said, adding her concern about the long- term impact of these towers. “Our children are being used as guinea pigs.”

Cell Tower’s Location Questioned In Bayside


Anonymous said...

Owner lives in Glen Head, shits on Queens. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry there's pleanty of Queens residents that shit on the boro too.. lets start with the boro president and most of the councilmen. Fuck them all.

Anonymous said...


Ya gotta love this place.

36% of the city is Queens and the only place you can get a breath of fresh air in this boro is at the ol' Crapper.

Go Crappie! Go!

Anonymous said...

Listen to all the channels on a police radio sometime.

Think of all of that in the air.

I guess like smoking, you need a generation or so to see the effects.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this Councilman Avella's district? Oh ya, this guy is is going to be a terrific mayoral candidate.