Friday, March 21, 2008

Philly rules in favor of cheesesteak man

The owner of a famous cheesesteak shop did not discriminate when he posted signs asking customers to speak English, a city panel ruled Wednesday.

In a 2-1 vote, a Commission on Human Relations panel found that two signs at Geno's Steaks telling customers, "This is America: WHEN ORDERING 'PLEASE SPEAK ENGLISH,'" do not violate the city's Fair Practices Ordinance.

Shop owner Joe Vento has said he posted the signs in October 2005 because of concerns over immigration reform and an increasing number of people in the area who could not order in English.

Philly cheesesteak shop didn't discriminate with 'Order in English' sign


Anonymous said...

Maybe the sign is there because the owner is an American and does not speak languages other than English.

Anonymous said...

Salute....magnifico !

Joe has struck a winning blow for all Americas
(old timers and the newly arrived)
and kicked those knee-jerk phonies in the ass !

Everyone knew from the start
that it's common sense to place your order in English
so that you can be understood.

How would you begin to fill an order given to you
in Erdu, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic or Russian ?

It's all about CLEAR COMMUNICATION folks
and nothing more!

Anonymous said...

Not to rain obviousness on too many people, but presumably if they can't speak English they can't read English too well either.

More power to anyone who wants to put up a sign saying what they want, but no one should kid themselves on what the guy was trying to say and who was the sign's intended audience.

Anonymous said...

"Not to rain obviousness on too many people, but presumably if they can't speak English they can't read English too well either."

That is why they ruled in his favor. The people he was supposedly discriminating against, can't read the sign anyway. The people he was really targeting are those who can speak and read English, but choose deliberately not too. These people have some bizarre racist mentality that if they speak English, they are somehow being subjugated. Maybe we need some language translated Government brochures on what the concept of "assimilation" means. If only Congress would grow some balls and designate English as the official language of our nation, this would be a non issue.

Anonymous said...

A blow against the machine and the tweeded!

Right on!

georgetheatheist said...

Philly Cheesesteaks? Are you insane? It's cardio-arrest for you, bud.

Anonymous said...

Yeaheeeeeeee baby.

A good guy wins one. Let's get this going in Elmhurst except that the store owners must speak English and not ignore Americans who only speak English!