Monday, March 31, 2008

Same losers, different offices

Pink slips are on the horizon for more than 40 of the city's elected officials, and many are scrambling to keep them at a distance.

Musical Chairs: Shuffling Seats in City Government

To do so, some officials are playing a session of musical chairs, hoping to land seats -- possibly with larger constituencies -- when the music stops in November 2009. Others are shuffling their political decks a little sooner, fishing for possible employment in Albany, where the entire Senate and Assembly will be up for reelection this November.

While the public clearly passed term limits twice, some question whether the eight-year restrictions breed good policy and if it has bolstered the democratic process and public participation. Others wonder whether term limits perpetuate a system of backroom politics where a stagnant staff controls the reins in City Hall and politicians shuffle between the city and Albany or vice versa.

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Anonymous said...

At first term limits
seemed to be a good idea to me.....
a chance to flush the pol/pool clean of its accumulated sludge.

Since then I've changed my mind
and opt for repeal of term limits.

Under the old system
you had your representative
by the short hairs
and you could threaten to yank some out (and him along with them)
the very next that time he's up
for re-election.

That could cut short the desire
on his part for any long term
"cushy" career.

Now you've got no leverage,
because your rep is working for you for only one term.

After that, his second term
is spent working on seeking a higher or more permanent position
within the government political
welfare system!

And that ain't good.

How else can you ensure decent service from an elected official
without being able to squeeze
his nuts over the long haul?

Career politicians are bad enough,
but migrant worker/reps in the field of politics is even worse!