Monday, March 31, 2008

City shafting Willets Point businesses

A set of land owners at Willets Point said the city has been disingenuous in negotiations for the purchase of their land and argued that the city Economic Development Corporation is only keeping contact to rebuild support among local City Council members.

Willets Pt. biz calls city offer a sham

The owners of Bono Sawdust Supply and Crown Container said the city, which is hoping to get approval from the City Council in the near future for a more than $3 billion redevelopment of Willets Point, has done little more than pay lip service to the 250 existing businesses and landowners that currently reside in the area.

"They want to get everyone here to sign a piece of paper that says we negotiated with the city," said Jack Bono, whose family has owned Bono Sawdust Supply for more than 70 years. "Then they can take that paper to the City Council and say, 'Look, we talked to them, they were unreasonable, we have to use eminent domain.'"


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but developing Willets Point is one of the few current projects that I happen to support. The area is rundown, and in desperate need of cleaning up.

Anonymous said...

So you think that it is OK for the city to steal the land of businesses who have a legitmate right to own their property? Isn't it bad enough that the city has denied these businesses the proper infrastructural improvements? I agree that the area needs a clean up but not for the benefit of Mayor Dumberg and friends. Get it?

Anonymous said...

yes willets point needs to be cleaned up and given a facelift but who better to do it than the land owners themselfs & the business who own their land? give them what they waited for for over 30 years ,streets sewers ,sidewalks, sanitation services, sweeping ,snow removal and i'll be here all day with the list . get the picture? the area would redevelope overnight ''' by itself and be 4 billion dollars cheaper.. who would rent to a junk yard or chop shop when you can now get people like home depot,fed-ex cosco ect,ect as long as the infrastructure is there it will all be done by itself. and don't beleive the city for 1 second when they say it must be raised 5 feet. all of downtown flushing is in a flood plain's legalized theft thats all it is to beneifit bloomy's friends