Saturday, March 22, 2008

Playing musical train cars

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will not add V train cars to the G train, according to transit activists involved in negotiations with the M.T.A. over just such an addition. On March 4, Jim Trent, transportation chair of the Queens Civic Congress, and John Leon of the advocacy group Save the G, met with M.T.A. representatives to discuss moving cars from the V to the G. The agency's response? Out of the question.

G Train Riders to MTA: Give Us Some V Cars! MTA to G Train Riders: No

Crappy to MTA: Leave the V the way it is. It's the only way I can make it into work, because the E is always too crowded.


Anonymous said...

It is the Queens Civic Congress. Please make the correction. Thank you.
Corey Bearak

Anonymous said...

Going way back, when the "G" train
ran directly to Smith St. in Brooklyn.
it was always considered having a lower class status
compared with the "E" or the "F".

Now it ends at Court Square.

This is because the MTA and "the city fathers"
don't want a direct link into the "sketchy"
(if you know what I mean) ethnic neighborhoods
across the Queens border.

Maybe when the current stage of "urban renewal"
(and Black removal.....h-m-m-m?)
is completed along trendy Smith Street,
the "G" will resume an uninterrupted route again
and deserve state of the art cars.

This has been yet another example
of "subtle" social engineering at its "finest"
from the "White boys" at the Dept. of City Planning!

Anonymous said...

The MTA structure should be dismantled. NYC & NYS should take control of our own destiney - not NJ. Look where the investments have gone Liberty Newark Airport for Pete's sake. We should not be subsidizing the Path, Lincoln tunnel or GW Bridges tolls. Traffic congestion plan stinks to the highest order - take care of our Subways not some 10 billion train that goes to nowhere - like the Meadowland!