Monday, March 31, 2008

The Borden Avenue blues

I have often wondered three things about this part of Queens.
1) Why City Scrap Metal is allowed to block a lane of traffic on Borden Avenue during rush hour every evening
2) Why a guy is allowed to sell hot dogs on Borden Avenue by Calvary Cemetery (the hubcap guy seems to have disappeared) where it turns into the LIE, causing traffic backups
3) Why this disgusting eyesore at 34-20 Borden Avenue is not addressed by the city's scooter patrol. Dumping and failure to maintain are still infractions subject to summonses, are they not?


Anonymous said...

It is empty likely because the owner has not recieved a high enough bid.

There is not one piece of property in Queens that has not been looked at by the developers -- repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

City Scrap blocks that lane morning, noon, and night. I've been caught up in the traffic way too many times.