Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mum's the word from LPC

So the Daily News did a story on the Ridgewood Theatre today. But this was the most revealing excerpt of the whole thing, in Crappy's opinion:

It is unknown whether the Ridgewood was included on the commission's recent survey of 12,495 Queens buildings. Landmarks officials refused to provide the survey to Queens News.

Hey LPC, what's the big secret?


Anonymous said...

I think that if the public finds out the contents of what was surveyed, it will encourage some greedy landlords to alter or demolish it faster.

Anonymous said...

Yea, right. Its preservation. No need for the public to get involved.

Might get things a bit muddy.

Anonymous said...

Individual landmarking and historic districting is all about public involvement via the Landmarks Law. It comes into action when the Landmarks Preservation Commission enlists public support through the Request For Evaluation (RFE) form. Even though a CB Survey can be made available through FOIL, it's better if it's not since the greedsters may thrive.

Anonymous said...

FOIL the f-----g survey from the LPC
and show them up for what they are.....
a bunch of treacherous backroom,
double dealing bastards!

From the looks of it, the theater 's already gone
if everybody's taking the safe route.

Add this to the list of the
soon to be demolished instead of a survey.

Chalk this up to another weak kneed
preservation effort!

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see
if the Theater Historical Society will be putting
its shoulder to the wheel in securing
backing (funds etc.) for preserving the Ridgewood.

Or will they be doing business as usual
(as in the bygone Michael Miller days)
of gratuitious talk and taking photos of its interior
for their archive (which they charge to access)!

They never made any waves in the past,
lest it might interfere with their lucrative
photo business!

Diplomacy can sometimes destroy a theater.

For while everyone is busy "making nice"
to the owner (and vice versa)
Mr. "M" will probably wind up butt-f----g
the community.

You mean you're really going to trust
a real estate agent/owner? Right !

Anonymous said...

Maybe that fella who "saved" the Trylon (hee, hee)
can "save" this one!

Anonymous said...

is more likely the word from the LPC!

It'll soon be embalmed and entombed,
without the usual fuss and fanfare
reserved for an Egyptian pharaoh!

I'll bet the owner has already contacted
Garden State Brickface
now that he's heard there's a movement to save it!

C'mon you "preservationists".....
you're sitting on your asses and time's a wasting
with all of your ambling meetings and writings!

The Ridgewood simply doesn't meet LPC's
mysterious "criteria"......it's located in in Queens.

As to why they won't reveal
whether its on their list.....IT ISN'T !

They've already cut a deal
to stay out of it with the owner.

And it'll be MONEY
over any NOSTALGIC feelings that he has ,
just because he went there as a kid!

Anonymous said...

Claire Shulman boasted
about her "nostalgic" feelings for the Keith's Theater some 20 odd years ago..... saying that her sister
was once crowned "Miss Flushing" there.

That didn't stop her
from following Boss Manes' betrayal
of the community by denying the RKO
its full interior landmark status!