Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flushing Meadows is top crime park


Central Park, Flushing Meadows Park, Prospect Park and Riverside Park top the list of large parks that had double-digit instances of crime over the past 18 months, according to a survey by New Yorkers for Parks.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park had 99 incidents, including robberies, grand larcenies and two rapes.

Prospect Park in Brooklyn recorded 57 incidents, Manhattan's Riverside Park 31, and Bronx Park 30.

Fresh Kills Park and La Tourette Park on Staten Island had no reported crimes, and Ferry Point Park in The Bronx had just one.

Central Park has its own precinct, and recorded 162 crimes in the 18-month period between April 2006 and September 2007.


Anonymous said...

These reports of increased crime in the parks are just wrong.

Benepe and Bloomberg told us that unleashed dogs in the park will reduce or eliminate crime, because the loose dogs will provide security by protecting "their turf".

Now Bloomberg and his lickspittle Benepe would never lie to us, would they?

So, please correct these false reports of crime in the parks; these false reports reflect poorly on the Commissar and his henchman.

Anonymous said...

LOL The loose dogs are actually fenced in on MTA propertys to protect the MTA property.
You can see them at times from the Port Washington Line running along the 7 train yard

The police station for FMCP is actually the old Worlds Fair Bathrooms below the RAMP to Shea Stadium. The only time police actually work the park is when the US OPEN is happening.

Must be 100's of homeless and release mental people from rikers living in the marshland and under the VQE behing the Fountain of The Planets basin.
You can no longer bikeride without mace or CCW around the old monorail paths or behind the gate bridge.

Apparently the Mayor want those criminals to live there so they dont scatter into the major population.

Rikers dumps these homeless nuts on Queens Blvd the first thing they do is get on the 7 train to 108 steet

Anonymous said...

FMCP's biggest crime stat
is Jeffrey Rosenstock's "Theater In The Park".
Or should it be called "Theater In The Dark"?

This boondoggle venue was set up to
hand out political favors in the form of
providing patronage jobs to those
who performed well for then borough president Claire Shulman.

Millions have been dumped
into this bottomless money pit which has yet
to show it has substantial box office receipts
that warrant having wasted us taxpayers' money
over the long years that have passed.

Located in the midst of a muggers' field....
somehow this doesn't strike me as a nice safe
quiet evening at the theater.

How about converting it into something usefull,
like a prison?

Anonymous said...

LOL The dumb ass city let them throw all the blue 1964 world fair globes from the parapet roof in the dumpster.
I happened to end up with them (for safe keeping) when they restore the NYS Pavilion....YEAH RIGHT!!

If the restoration plans were true why did what's left of the blue globes get marked for the landfill?

They spent what 100 million on that POS little theater?
It would have cost the same to restore the whole Pavilion elevators and all.
A wile back they raised $500.000 for the NYSP all the money DISAPPEARED!!

BTW The couple people working on the 6 map panels are volunteers.
The State, the city and its Bloomberg appointed clubhouse have become so corrupt in special interests in insane.
Yet people call 3rd and 4th generation New Yorkers like myself racists, Archie Bunkers ?

Queens has lost its representation ! Id say it time for another "Boston Tea Party" ....the 2008 version.

They can start in the slimy water's of Lake Benepe in FMCP….you’ll need a canoe, air tank and a hazmat suit just to get it in the water.

Drrea said...

Maybe those of you who have negative comments about FMCP/QTIP, are true EDPsn on release from Bellevue...

In general the park may not be the safest place to visit at night, however show me a place within NYC that is crime free.

As for QTIP I guess you are not into cultural experiences. Maybe you should take off your white hoods and open your eyes. The park has a lot to offer!

Anonymous said...

Cultural experiences ?
I got one for free on my last visit to "King of Corona"
It was a hot summer night all the streets stank of rotting garbage an pee.

I walked from the LIRR across the park and could not hear one dam person speaking English.
It was like being in south central Los Angelos.

AS for QTIP not one of the programs I have seen posted have been in English or not about ugly oddball art !!
My 4 year old neice paints better with her fingers.
I cant beleive we taxpayers foot the bill for that sh*t.
The best thing in the park is the Unisphere, Great Hall and the Atlas and Mercury rockets. And Mercury capsule in the Hall.
It turned out to be real deal BYW. When the rockets were removed for restoration we had to scrap 40 years of birdshit + 1 hour to get te hatch open.
Everbody almost died when we saw the seats and panel of gauges, it was the missing Mercury 1 test flight capsule !
Our heritage now hangs on chains in a little dark corner in the HOS.
The Dominican and Paki immigrants get a $100 million dollar QTIP restoration as Phillip Johnsons masterpiece rots.

I worked on the Rocket restoration, Walter Cronkite and Ed White were there. Not one of the Queens polititions or the Mayor showed or gave a dam.

That how messed up this crooked Mayor and city is.
Its criminal !

Drrea said...

Well obviously you live in a bubble because Queens is one of the most ethnically diverse communities. Maybe you and your English speaking friends should spend more time enjoying the culture of FMCP rather than spewing your hatred.

The only language I speak is English and I attended 7 shows since January at QTIP. I even took my 3 year old niece to see one of the children's shows.

Better yet I even took my nephew to the Zoo. Guess what??? I wasn't the only one there. My family were enjoying the culture that FMCP has to offer. The Hall of Science has only gotten better. Proof of that is my friends from the burbs actually enjoyed it so much they became members.

Pretty much of all of NYC reeks of such smells. I guess it is time you move to the burbs where you pay to only smell roses and everyone speaks English.

I seriously cannot believe that anyone would be so negative about a borough that they live in...

Drrea said...

BTW... Just to set the record straight the CITY DID NOT Pay for the blue globes to be placed on the State Pavilion Towers. It was paid for by an artist and made into a one year art exhibit.

Why in the world would the City or anyone for that matter want to maintain such an expense art project when the building is in such horrid condition? I guess you are not aware that dumpster diving for those blue lights could be considered a crime.

Where do you get your information from??? Because you are so in the dark about FMCP. Just think how those who pay a special tax because their apartment faces Central Park feel that their park is sooo dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Quote: The Hall of Science has only gotten better.

Why because it has now become an afterschool babysitting service run by NYC Department of Cultural Affairs ?

Is tossing baseballs in a cage with a radar gun (contestes)
2- Handing kids paint, paper and paint brushes science ?
Add a couble cheap gizmos and computers Science

Let me tell you something:
Most parts of the city are not filthy & stink like JH or Corona not even even close.

2:Everbody I know does not throw there garbage out the window or pee in the street

Regarding the HOS
Before all this "new and improved science" went down the Director was Dr. Alan Friedman. This guy really ran SCIENCE PROGRAMS, got the new wing built, got the rockets restored after 30 years of people begging him to. He was a hell of a nice guy who inspired many.

Bloomberg releaved him, and many others as thanks "$1 million money wasted on our past culture"
(The same this bid $$ dictator took with this Maspeth church fiasco)

At the new wing opening all these guys wearing turbins, fancy suits with Rolex's were around with Clair Shulman. They made some really big $$ donations. I had NEVER seen them before.

By spring many people were let go and replaced with these people who werent even born here if you get my drift.

Anyway the city replaced us with Indian and Spanish speaking people to fill and run 72,000 square foot 56 Million dollar expansion with babyish games.

These Fuck*rs, the mayor and Department of Cultural Affairs clearly got rid of us all from the Director to the AV techs.
...Some thanks for bringing that dump back from the grave.

To add Bloomberg and his mob have turned it back into a babysitting service for anchor babys and the NYC board of Ed.

Qualifications for employment ?
HS Diploma, Multicultral class certificate and speak Spanish.
(unless you work in the press room, the only place you will find the 2 blue eyed American women Wendy and Tina)

Anyway Im moving to Mattituck on the Nort Fork (90% Italian and Polish)where muliculturalism and ZOG's are 4 letter words.

It this offends anybody sorry but to bad...this is still America and it isnt a crime yet


I dont want to turn crappys board into a mud tossing contest.
.....Sorry Crappy. I just about had it up to the ears with these new people...ALL OF EM

Anonymous said...

"Ethnically diverse" is just another Orwelian "new-speak" term for a 4th rate 3rd world dump!
(Wasn't FMCP built on top of one)?

Others include "vibrant", "bustling", "multicultural" get the general idea .
(No "white hood" I only go white tie).

When I want REAL cultural experiences
I board the #7 train to Manhattan.

The paltry Queens Museum
is no match for the Met or MOMA.

As for "Theater In The Dark"....
its lack of accessibility
and caliber of "performances" speaks for itself!

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,

South Central LA is mostly black, not Hispanic

Also you are pretty intolerant for living in a city with people from every country on Earth, you think you'd be used to it

Then again your spelling betrays your intelligence so maybe I'm expecting too much from you