Monday, March 24, 2008

Another quality repair job by DOT

Located on 69th Street at 58th Avenue in Maspeth. Now that's low maintenance!


warp10 said...

Actually, this might have been done by the DEP, not the DOT. I have noticed that they sometimes replace missing or damaged metal tops of "catch basins" (storm drains) with cement curbs. Use this form to report it to the DEP:

Whenever I report these types of issues via that form, DEP seems to fix them within a month, whereas the same complaint reported via 311 won't be touched for many months.


Anonymous said...

looks like it was patched up before, with bricks. Guess that was a quick and easy fix.

Anonymous said...

One more case of: The hell with people to trip over this, or, at night, break an ankle or foot.

Anonymous said...

One more case of: Its Queens, they will accept anything we give them. The boro is getting hollowed out anyway.

You will never never never see this in Manhattan.