Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pandemonium on Smith Street

The building’s façade has suffered from neglect. On Tuesday, the Buildings Department issued an emergency declaration to allow the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to install a sidewalk shed. The sidewalk shed is in place, and served to catch pieces of the façade that reportedly fell from the building today.

BREAKING: Partial Building Collapse at 170 Smith Street

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Anonymous said...

Judging from the photos on Brownstoner, the foundation was clearly compromised. That being said NYC has Local Law 11-98 in which bldgs of 6 stories or more are mandated to have their exteriors inspected by an engineer or architect. Since this is happening citywide to bldgs that do not fall within this criteria, should the city implement this law to affect ALL bldgs.? My bldg. is in need of repair,yet, the landlord does nothing about it.(My bldg does not fall under LL-11/98) A few years ago, a large gargoyle fell from the roof and almost injured someone walking by. I think we need a massive overhaul of this system...