Friday, March 28, 2008

Hank on Katz

"Melinda Katz wants to be comptroller of the city of New York. Her credentials? Well, she was the Land Use Chair of the City Council. Here are some facts. During her Land Use [Committee] chairmanship, New Yorkers lost more affordable housing than in any other time in history. Rents skyrocketed...

She’s taken hundreds of thousands from landlords, slumlords, the worst kind of people. Those who want to jack up our rents and throw us on the street. So there you have it. Melinda Katz, for the landlords. Think she ought to be comptroller? Ha. Absolutely not."

Find out who said this here.


Anonymous said...

So it seems our "Alley Katz "is tired of turning tricks on dark street corners....bending over backwards
for her developer friends
in exchange for meager earnings and term limits.

Now she aspires to become a full fledged
madam with a more substantial roof over her head....
in her own private posh comptroller's parlor.

Sorry OLD (and getting older by the day) GIRL....
anyone of your "profession" need not apply
for the trusted position of handling NYC's money.

You can assume your usual position
with your developer "clients"
and go to work directly for them.

I think the Durst Organization has room for
a "lady" of your "talents".

You've taken their money,
now perhaps they'd be willing to take you in.

Beyond flashing that pasty faced smile on cue....
just what can you deliver for them?

Maybe the "LUV GOV" is interested in you,
now that your Hevesi "canoodling" days are over.

Anonymous said...

Are Dizzie Lizzie and Alley Katz running as a tag team?

I heard they had a Katz fight over the campaign use of the slogan: "I do it only for money".

They have a contest to see whose IQ is lower than a doorknob's.

Speaking of knobs, they each need to go shopping for some. Try Silicone Valley, girlies.

Anonymous said...

Those two could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch!

I've got nothing on them!

Anonymous said...

This woman should not be allowed to hold public office at any level.

Anonymous said...

What is really sad and scarey is that what he said is true and that I was one of many fooled by her. Please voters check out their voting records and who donates to their campaigns before you vote. Be informed voters and please, please vote for the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

Mel looks pretty revolting in this photo.. maybe she just rolled out of bed after a night of canoodling with some deep-pocketed developer.

Anonymous said...

You people are disgusting! Grow up