Monday, March 17, 2008

Dumb pol quote of the week, part 1

According to [Elizabeth] Crowley, the more candidates in the race, the better for her.

“I have so many established friends,” she said, “it will enable me to win by a larger victory.”

Looking Past Gallagher, Candidates Prepare for Special Election

This race is going to be lots of fun.

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Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

Hey, is that a pic of Spitzer's ho?

Sure looks like it.

Dizzy Crowley said...

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Crowley, I'm your next council member, I can say anything because I'm a Crowley.

Taxpayer said...

First I thought the photo was fuzzy. Then I realized that the photo was sharp; Elizabeth Crowley is fuzzy brained.

Elizabeth, what are established friends?

Elizabeth, what is a larger victory?

Elizabeth, How do your established friends enable you to win by a larger victory?

Elizabeth, are you genuinely stupid, or is it a political act taught to you by Joe Crowley?

Taxpayer said...

By the way Fuzzy Wuzzy, are you Serf Maltese's advisor on the St. Saviour's issue?

You've been a great help, you and Maltese.

Is that why you want to succeed Gallagher? To get right on that gravey train of corruption and rape?

Anonymous said...

The opposition is lazy, unfocused, and not willing to spend more than 15 minutes a month to change things.

The machine just shrugs off all complaints and rumbles along laying pavement.

gleNDALE said...

Dump Maltese! His office is useless and his staff is even dumber than Crowley. Try calling with a complaint. NOTHING HAPPENS!

I have an idea. When Crowley loses she should go and work for Maltese. At least for the few months that he is still in office.

Anonymous said...

She's alot better lookin then Pinky.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she's ready for a lap dance.

Now've had your share.
You'd better keep yourself zipped for now.

Anyway, she's a little too young for you.

Anonymous said...

Leave her alone. She's hot.

Taxpayer said...

"Leave her alone. She's hot."

But, she has big hips. Too many lapdances?

NY Zeitgeist said...

I wouldn't mind her hitting on me in a bar if she gets elected. I'll even let her take me back to her office like Pinky did!