Monday, March 17, 2008

But how are the restaurants?

People have moved on to other neighborhoods or back to Ireland to take advantage of its strong economy; newcomers from around the world have filled the void, flocking to a neighborhood with affordable housing and convenient access to Manhattan.

Woodside: Cheap, Convenient and Teeming

In fact...the area’s biggest problem is coping with the strains of development. With large new apartment buildings being built, and single-family houses being converted, legally and illegally, into multiunit buildings, on-street parking is scarce. Schools are crowded, [CB2 Chair Joseph Conley] said; at one, trailers are being used for overflow classes. Mr. Conley’s board has asked the city’s Planning Department to toughen zoning in the area.


Anonymous said...

So Joe, why is this so?

What are you doing to stop the massive overbuilding?

Nothing save a few mumbled words to mullify the discontented that you know will do nothing of significance, not even write a few letters to the paper demanding a change yesterday.

Anonymous said...

How are the restaurants?

A overcrowded neighborhood that no longer can deliver services and all they want to talk about is the restaurants?

Oh, sorry, thought you were talking about Astoria.

Anonymous said...

Joe Crowley
is one of your typical "lace curtain" Irish
(maybe "shanty" when it comes to his character)
ward healing politicians !

He could have been at home
working for William Marcy "Boss" Tweed !

Anonymous said...

Speaking of restaurants
how's that old son of a ("Westie" is it?) J.D. ?

B-r-r-r-r.....I dare not even speak the name.