Monday, March 17, 2008

Reaction from the blogosphere

Gothamist has an excellent summary of recent building accidents and Gowanus Lounge has appropriately expressed our outrage:

We have said it before and we have said it again: the entire building inspection and construction regulation system in New York City needs a top to bottom overhaul. It is a critically dysfunctional governmental system that threatens public safety and does violence to quality of life on a daily basis...The situation is nothing short of a vile scandal.


Anonymous said...

Administer lie detector tests periodically
to all DOB employees just to start the ball rolling
on overhauling the most corrupt department in the city!

The DOB-ers are either individual shady opportunists
or the necessary key middlemen of organized crime
linked to the real estate/building industry of NYC!

They're certainly not here to protect us!

Anonymous said...

Just like our government uses the CIA
for its "black projects" and "wet work"....
the developers often use their mafia friends,
pol/pals and the DOB to "augment"
their more clandestine activities.

Anonymous said...

Again, can someone add up the New Yorkers killed in Iraq, and compare that number to the New Yorkers killed by development projects in the last five years?