Sunday, March 23, 2008

Flushing's Grandma Moses

Adele Lerner is a painter who had her first art show not long ago in Flushing, Queens.

Mrs. Lerner is 101.

“She’s the Grandma Moses of New York City,” said her nephew Alvin Rutsky, 80, beaming as he watched his aunt, decked out in a bright purple outfit, smiling and showing her paintings to dozens of visitors in the community room of the residence for the aged where she lives.

Adele Lerner has been painting New York City for about 40 years — not bad for someone who first picked up a brush at age 60.

“Like they say: better late than never,” she said. “What can I tell you? I’m a late bloomer, but I’ve been looking at the city my whole life.”

Artist Paints From Memory, and at 101, It’s Long


Anonymous said...

An amazing person.....we have a lot to learn from her example.....anyone know how we can find out if she sells any of her paintings?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Read the Times article this morning. Mrs. Lerner is truly inspirational, not just by virtue of her art, but her education, too.
Same question as that posed by Anonymous: is there any way to see her paintings, and possibly purchase one? Thanks!

Queens Crapper said...

The article says she lives here:

Martin Lande House
137-47 45 Ave.
Flushing, NY 11355

Send her a letter!

Anonymous said...

I see her every week, because she is one of my grandpa's neighbors.

Sadly, her building's management made the parking lot gated last year, making access more difficult not only for visitors, home attendants, and ambulettes, but also firefighters. Today, visitors must either pay to park, or good luck finding on-street parking. I wish the TImes would write about that!

Anonymous said...

Adele Lerner is my grandma...and she is AMAZING. Thank you for the kind words.

I would ask that you dont have her home address on this blog. She is 101, and any surprises could be straining on her. Every day needs to be calm.

I would encourage you to write to her..she loves the contact.

Thank you!