Monday, May 14, 2007

Development disaster

How would you like to have this developer as a neighbor?

Tenants Worry After Crane Breaks Two Windows

A complaint filed on April 26 with the Department of Buildings claimed the crane hit a street light twice. The department said on Monday the complaint was classified as high priority and an inspector was sent immediately. But the inspector found no fault and no violation was issued.

Kate Lindquist, a spokeswoman for the agency, said there is no complaint stemming from the broken windows...

Tenants said the crane accident was the final straw. Anderson penned a letter to Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster, Borough President Helen Marshall and the mayor; the letter was signed by dozens of tenants in the building.

Good luck with that.

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Anonymous said...

It's well known that some (and were not saying this is the case here) construction projects are undertaken by "connected" builders.

Are some DOB inspectors (or neighbors) being threatened if complaints are filed?

Do payoffs drop into some pockets?

Or...are some merely visually impaired ?