Friday, May 25, 2007

The REAL Queens Crap express

Another reason why people from Queens prefer to drive:

Riders' Ire Raised By Stations Conditions

Both of the stations stairwells reek of urine and their walls are shedding paint chips. Areas of its platforms not beneath overhangs are never shoveled in the winter. When it rains, water leaks through cracks in the overhangs' plywood roofs. The station is littered with graffiti and dozens of garbage bags were dumped last summer along Cohancy Street outside the station.

Been in the 21st Street-Van Alst station in LIC lately?

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

You got to be blotto to drive a car in the city.

What are you going to do when the gas goes up to $10?

Like breathing in all that air, Queens? You all know that you live downwind from Manhattan and are living in denial if you think those toxic fumes from all those engines will not have an effect on you.

Hey civics! Instead of finding lame excuses for coming to terms with development (BS like "you got to change with the times" or "you can't stop it only control it") you should start to lobby for better transportation services.

Who knows, maybe the machinery of city government (with political pressure) may be redirected from the developers to help make life better for the taxpayers. Why is there not big push to expand the transportation network?

Hell that would divert the city's attention for a good decade or two.

Anonymous said...

Let's see: The MTA hasn't fixed most Queens stations in decades and doesn't plan to in the near future, but congestion pricing will pay for them to run more trains which are longer. Great. Just don't twist your ankle on the platform or get mugged on the way to the parking lot...

Anonymous said...

The money raised thru congestion pricing will go to improve mass transit. I take mass transit almost every day, and overall it is a lot better than driving. The only major problem is that the buses are stuck in traffic caused by all the cars on the road.

grvsmth said...

Here's the 25MB, 266-page PDF file describing the Planyc transportation plan. On Page 161 it says that $9.5 billion will go to bringing the MTA infrastructure to a state of good repair.

grvsmth said...

Sorry, I forgot the link. Here's the document.