Monday, May 28, 2007

Playing politics with patriotism

Memorial Day: a time for Queens politicians to shamelessly capitalize on the deaths of American heroes via the buying of political ads in local newspapers under the guise of tributes.

Let's pause to remember the brave men and women who died to preserve democracy... In NYC, "democracy" means the clowns pictured above are practically guaranteed to win whatever office they seek because they either run with a huge built-in monetary advantage or completely unopposed, and newspapers don't question anything they do because they take ads, such as these, out at every opportunity that comes along.

There was a bill introduced in the NYC Council last year which would ban these ads from being paid for with taxpayer money, however, it comes as no surprise that it is stalled in the Committee on Governmental Operations.

Let's contrast this with Iraq:

Here is an American Marine on election day in Iraq. He's holding a ballot. Notice how many names are on it.

Iraq is more democratic today than Queens County is.

God Bless America.


Anonymous said...

Avella's bill would not have banned the ads, it would ban the use of councilmanic funds (taxpayers money) to pay for them. It states: (16) No public servant shall use city funds to purchase or effect the purchase of, any holiday, anniversary, birthday, or any other congratulatory greeting in any newspaper, magazine or other paid print media advertisement.

However, the shameless pigs often use their campaign funds to pay for these ads. Campaign funds, often subsidized by matching grants thru the Campaign Finance Board. TAXPAYERS MONEY.

The bill is not clear and should be amended to include banning the use of campaign funds by those individuals who are in the Campaign Finance Board Program.

Lots of luck getting this bill passed!

Anonymous said...

As we wrote many times on this blog, there is an American colony right across from the UN. The people have no control over their future (indeed, as far as their leadership is concerned, the faster they are moved from the land, the better for all concerned), they give taxes to a government that sends it to the rich developer, they are given BS platitudes and are ignored, faceless people as far as the press is concerned.

I hope the amsassordor from Venezuelea or Iran discovers them, and tumpets thier misery to the world.

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster:

why stop with Long Island City?
To a lesser, but still significant degree, you can say that about the rest of Queens.

Anonymous said...

Good show of disrespect for those who made the "ultimate sacrifice" for our country you (for the most part) Democratic Dictatorship machine suckling pigs!

Wipe that....whatever it is..... dribbling off your chin Toby!

Even Monica managed to look more "distinguished"on her knees in the oval office !

Anonymous said...

The FDR Dems ad states Evan Stavisky, District Leader. District leader WHERE? In Flushing? Doesn't he live with his wife in Rockland County?

Anonymous said...

At least Maltese is a combat veteran...I have to give him respect for that.

Anonymous said...

You'd think a combat veteran would know better than to wish people a "Happy" Memorial Day.

Connie R said...

These ads are just a pitiful reminder of who is in office.

Anonymous said...

Girly-boy Pinky paid for his ad with the money he owes Harry's Paint and Hardware for 703 days.

Pay your bills, you thieving little cheat!