Thursday, May 31, 2007

Two ugly Queens libraries

One ugly new Queens library is about to open, and another is still in its planning stages. Remember when the architecture of NYC municipal buildings was exceptional instead of drab and uninspired?

Update from NY Daily News, 6/5/07: Expanded Elmhurst library on the books


Anonymous said...

It is sad that Jimmy Van Bramer, one of the few bright people involved in what passes for culture in this borough (and incidentally favors landmarking his community in Sunnyside Gardens) has come out against the Carnegie Library in Elmhurst.

Oh yes, he is part of that infamous library board that takes away playgrounds from kids and has members like that beer distributor's son (D'Amico or something like that) who last year tore down John Jacob Astor's 180 year old legacy to Astoria.

Some cultural 'leadership' in this borough, eh?

Anonymous said...

I attended the Newtown Civic Association's meeting last week. I am pleased to report that most participants (residents & borough-wide preservationists) opposed the architect's proposal. James Van Bramer, the Dir. of Government & Community Affairs for the Queens Library, advised the community to contact him with their wishes. The Elmhurst Library proposal is only in the preliminary stages, and now is the time for dialogue. Please make your comments heard.

He might consider the preservation of the historic Carnegie building, as long as the much-needed expansion is at the forefront. Enough people need to oppose. His info is as follows:

(718) 990-8585, Cell (917) 642-4420, Fax (718) 990-5147, E-mail

Anonymous said...

Why did it take the community to rise in protest?

Why didn't the library board just do the right thing?

When taken in light of all the other things posted on the blog, we must conclude the leadership in Queens is venally pathological (buck$, buck$, buck$) or just insensitive because they hold us in contempt.

Anonymous said...

Elmhurst needs a much larger library. So maybe it's a trade-off.

Anonymous said...

Elmhurst indeed needs a larger library, being that it's the 2nd most populous in Queens. However, it doesn't necessarily have to entail the sacrifice of the original Carnegie building, a rare survivor and unique. There are ways of expanding the building & preserving the facade, as well as some noteworthy interior features. Another means is to erect an annex nearby. For example, demolish Tommy Huang's adjacent 51st Ave site, which was built illegally & drowning in violations. If the latter was to become a reality, a historic gem in Queens would be preserved, and the ultimate revenge would be for a developer who has racked up serious building and public safety violations. That would be a win-win for all. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the caliber of the people on the Queens Libary board.

What do YOU think?

Anonymous said...

Wake up ! James Van Bramer is just jerking you off !

Don't be foolish or naive !
He's just buying time by feigning his concern !

The QP Library System has it's plans and hearing the community's input and seriously taking their wishes into consideration isn't part of it !

You are all being played like a fine Stradivarius !

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every time some mealy-mouthed historic preservationist is promised "a meeting" to voice community concerns" they think that the battle is over in their favor and promptly go out and buy an ice cream cone to celebrate their victory!

No wonder they're led down the garden path so easily by developers intent on destruction!

What a bunch of ineffective bleeding hearts.....that's the way a builder views their level of determination!