Thursday, May 31, 2007

How not to publish a newspaper, part 1

I couldn't resist posting about this dreck that passes for journalism. Take a look at the cover of the "Guide to Maspeth," published by a local weekly newspaper that people are actually expected to pay for (not many do, though). I see 3 mistakes right off the bat. Can you pick them out?

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Anonymous said...

Queens Ledge. What ledge? Theym ust be talking about the hideous LIE trench that's dividing Maspeth. Cover it, already!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of morons at the Queens Ledger. For starters they spelled their name wrong..."Queens Ledge." The 2nd error, Maspeth was settled in 1642 not 1692 and (3rd error) it was not settled by the Dutch.

The Queens Ledger is not a newspaper, it's a laughing stock.

What do I win QC?

Anonymous said...

Did you see the photo of the publisher on page 2? The publisher Walter Sanchez looks like a sleazy crook.

georgetheatheist said...

My favorite feature of The Ledge* is their "Eyesore of the Week". The only problem is that the ENTIRE newspaper is the eyesore!

*as in jumping off a ledge to end it all?

Anonymous said...

That's because Sanchez is a sleazy crook.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when the newspapers can only hire a kid out of school and pay them minimum.

There needs to be a cutback of all the weekly papers in Queens. They are only sustained by developer ads and politician press releases.

Hopefully, they are developing a credibility gap between themselves and the public.

Hopefully, the public is starting to turn to the citizens' news source, Queens Crap!

Anonymous said...

Businesses foolish enough to pay for ads in the Queens Ledge should check the paid circulation.

Any merchant will receive about 35 copies on Thursdays - with no paperwork. The unsold (unstolen) copies are retrieved - with no paperwork. Again, with no paperwork, the merchant will be charged for the difference between papers delivered Vs papers returned.

Anyone remember Newsday?

Anonymous said...

Check out the hideous illegal banner (hanging on top of their tasteless fake-stone building on Grand Ave)

The sign is filthy and torn to pieces. They are responsible for the biggest eyesore in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

"There needs to be a cutback of all the weekly papers in Queens."

Well, so much for the First Amendment.

Anonymous said...

I think Gallagher's staff works here part time as copy editors.