Saturday, May 26, 2007

Helen sticks her 2 cents in

Our BP is not totally satisfied with the Jamaica rezoning plan, but she's believes it can be fixed with a "team of design consultants:"

Marshall calls on city to amend Jamaica plan

Marshall Backs Rezoning Jamaica, With Reservations


georgetheatheist said...

What is it? What is that thing on top of her head? Gracious lady readers of the Queens Crap blog site, how does one conjure up such a monstrosity?

Anonymous said...

Better shot of her than eating that pasta.

verdi said...

george......that's her thinning hair bird's nest coiffure......which covers up the spot where her brains took flight!

Anonymous said...

Let us revisit it until we get it right. Again and again and again.

Meanwhile, schools, sanitition, traffic, well, that all can just wait until the important stuff is taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, if she gets wind that a number of people oppose the plan for solid, good reasons, she may decide, as she did for Sunnyside Gardens, to keep an open mind and listen to all parties.


"But Borough President Helen Marshall, who had written a letter in support of the proposal, was now "listening with both ears," according to her spokesman Dan Andrews.

Anonymous said...

This is the lightest toned lady of color that I've ever seen......and so are her politics!