Monday, May 28, 2007

Part 2 of Daily News report on builders

Part 2 of the Daily News' investigative series on builders is in today's paper:

So many ways to beat the system

A rare victory for residents over shameless deception

Sitting helpless as damage continues

...the winner for most notorious is at 162-166 16th St., between Fourth and Fifth Aves.

Here, developer Isaac Katan is putting up a 12-story condo on a block of four- and five-story houses.

The project has accumulated 28 violations, 10 of them listed as high severity, since November 2004, when a worker fell and was injured. The Buildings Department violation noted that the demolition company, MMG Designs, had no fall-restraining system for workers.

Katan...hmmm...let's see who he gave lots of cash to recently. Wait, there's more. Guess ol' Isaac knows who will help him out!

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Anonymous said...

K & K......Katz & Katan ! What a pair of sluts !

Melinda sure does a lot of business with "the Russians" doesn't she ?

Kasiev (of the Trylon Theater fiasco) !

H-m-m-m......the KKK !