Saturday, May 19, 2007

Reservoir to become nature preserve

Though currently surrounded by fencing, the Ridgewood Reservoir on the Brooklyn-Queens border may soon be reopened to the public as a brand-new wildlife sanctuary. The Parks Department recently announced that it intends to convert the 50-acre site into a new nature preserve and educational center as part of the city’s PLAN-Y-C 2030 master plan.


Update, 5/24/07:

City to revitalize reservoirs in Ridgewood as green space

Photo from Times Newsweekly


Anonymous said...

I grew up Im Ridgewood and know this park well.
Leaving this in the hands of the NYC Department of Parks is a recipe for disaster.

The cobblestone lined chambers are grown in and are breeding ground for birds as well as mosquitoes the size of helicopters.
The hand hammered perimeter fence is the oldest in all of New York. Every Sunday during summer the whole place looks like Puebla Mexico flop house. The hispanics throw garbage everyplace and hate Americans especially Anglo Americans get killed. Its always been this way !
In the 60's on Hot summer days certain groups used it as a swimming pool and would drown from the strong current (especialy when the Johhny pumps were opened in Brooklyn)

Using our tax $$ for this is insane let NYC the Department of Parks fix and secure Corona park first !

What idiot did this study if any ?

verdi said...

How about the Parks Dept. doing something with the St. Saviour's site?

Anonymous said...

It's a great site and it would be stupid to let it sit fallow any longer. If those reservoir basins were filled in it would be a great plateau at the top of the Bklyn/Queens border. It hasn't been used for water supply in years and the DEP recently gave it to Parks. It's great if Parks actually does something with it rather than letting it just rot some more.