Sunday, May 20, 2007

Inside the Corona railyard

The NY Times ventures where few outsiders have gone before:

Known to insiders as “the barn,” the Corona operation is where subway cars are serviced. Lined up end to end, like so many silver loaves of bread, their wheels are repaired, their parts maintained and their grungy carcasses sprayed down in the giant “car wash” in a nearby building.

Looking at the Subway From Every Angle

Most visitors yesterday were entranced by close-up looks at undercarriages, wrenches the length of a man’s leg and opportunities to sit in the worn red seat of a subway cab, the part of the car where the motorman leans out the window.

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Anonymous said...

The combination bus depot/subway yard makes this one of the largest public transportation facilities in the city. Yet it is so hard to get to the area by bus or subway. You have to take the 7 train well to the west to connect with any other lines and who even knows what buses serve this area? Weird, isn't it?