Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gianaris for city council?

According to the Daily News, Mike wants to make more money and not have to travel so far (sorry, it was Weprin that actually said that):

Queens assemblyman eyes going local

Photo from ourcampaigns.com


Anonymous said...

A product of the clubhouse without the Vallone touch.

Like Team Gioia, Astoria will be a stepping stone for a 'smart young man.' (quotes are a snide touch, of course)

Anonymous said...

Another "political mobster" aspiring to "Junior" Vallone's territory!!!!!

"Il padrino di Gianaris"????? I doubt it! No fire in that man's belly!

Anonymous said...

Hey, wasn't this the guy that was playing softball with a team from Con Ed a few years ago, and did nothing to ask them about the power grid that he later knew 'all along' had problems?

Hey, that is the guy I want to go places.

Anonymous said...

Don't know anything about that, but everyone in the community does know that he did nothing for a few days while the grid fell apart, then egged on the public for Con Ed 'reimbursements' then kept a low profile when they jacked up rates to pay for his 'public' freebies.