Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bayside business closings

The Crapper hails from the western side of the borough, but has lots of ties to Bayside.

It's sad to see these 3 places go:

Bayside Landmarks Are Closing Their Doors
Photo from Queens Chronicle

Meanwhile, this is what has become of Bridie's, a grand old Irish place on Northern near 162nd Street.


Anonymous said...

Happy colors always ads to the high tone of every community.

Of course, when you read the Tribune, you know this is yet another example of how the immigrants (sorry, thriving immigrant community) has revitalized yet another moribund Queens neighborhood.

Duck Butt. Yea, I like that. Bet the Parkside regularly meets clients there.

Anonymous said...

The "skinny" is......the owners of Louie's (Port Washington) Restaurant bought it for 4 million clams!

Originally it was offered for 6 million....which included Donovan's parking lot across the street.....but Donovan pulled that lot from the deal and the new owners of Donovan's (to be later called Anthony's ???) will be leasing it!

Word has it that Joe Donovan owns the rest of the block down to the Municipal Parking lot as well as a white frame house at the end of the street! Donovan's Woodside establishment will remain.

"Duck Butt" (this is actually the second spot with the same name that opened here) and is about the 6th business down from the original Bridie's!

If you look at one of the duck's asses in the pair of cartoon'll see it has 2 crossed band-aids on it!

Is "Duck Butt" a play on the famous 1950s DA (or duck's ass retro male hairstyle)?

Or could it be a code image Korean gay bar or a highly specialized brothel catering to rather specific preferences?

At any rate....what an anal name to choose!

Anonymous said...

"Duck Butt" Im looking at this in horror

That looks like the old 'Poets"?
The front window looks the same

I had a band with a chick singer we used to play there around 1981. I think Timmy O'Connor was owner.

Anonymous said...

Not to my taste, but this is the story of a willing seller and willing buyer. It may be ugly, but in this country, we believe in the market, and the market sometimes results in ugly.

If this really offends you, like Rite Aid and CVS offend me, then you can choose to live somewhere else. Things change, a lot faster here than elsewhere, which is something that people who've lived here for generations should accept already.

Anonymous said...

The last poster may, at his discretion, place a finger up his duck butt and stimulate some more creative brain activity!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! "Duck Butt"........what a name!

Sounds like some weird anal practices going on here.....maybe????? !!!!!!!