Saturday, May 26, 2007

Off-limits backyard

The owner of the 108-49 63rd Avenue building in Forest Hills has kept the backyard of this building off-limits for more than a decade. Residents are being charged high rents, but not allowed use of the backyard, which was clearly built for them to take advantage of. The yard is used to store trash and construction supplies. Here's an example of open space going to waste. Here are some recent violations, mostly related to the elevator and boilers. I hope to see it on your site. - mazeartist

P.S. The source of this is my xanga blog.


Anthony said...

I live at One Station Square I freakin own my apartment. We aren't allowed to play in our backyard as well. I have a feeling that the overpriced Jade restaurtant is going to take it over.

Anonymous said...

If the use of a backyard (or any other amenities) are denied a renter or owner....smack the owner's ass with a class action lawsuit!

Anonymous said...

Gee, that reminds me of Shore Towers, a space along the waterfront that was closed for years .... after they put it in to get extra floors.

Can't we see this happening along the entire waterfront once the rich seize it and their 'public access jobs creation projects' are in place?

Anonymous said...

Really.....that hardly looks like a "backyard" to me it's really just an alley.....and now it's full of junk!

Nice amenities!

Forest Hill will soon begin to look like downtown Flushing.....a little "3rd worldish" don't you think? !!!