Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And more on condos...

NY Magazine asks the question, "Where do you turn if your brand-new condo is falling apart?"

What a Revolting Development

Unfortunately, they don't have an answer.

Photo from NY Magazine


verdi said...

"Buyer beware" the translated from Latin warning denotes......especially if your condo was built by the infamous convicted felon/builder Tommy Huang!

There are still a bunch of "pre conviction" condo units of his still out there (the Prince St. Flushing job.....for example).

Thanks be that after "Tommy the Terrible" was found guilty.....he can no longer build condos under NY State law or deal in real estate.

But, apparently there's a loophole that still allows him (and his sons) to build non condo projects!

Advice to condo buyers:
Get a good history of the building you're considering buying into.Get a good engineer's report.

If you choose a ????? unit......have a good prayer ready!

Anonymous said...

Lord Crapper-- if you've not done so, or don't recall the story as it ran back in the Newsday glory years-- pick up Jimmy Breslin's "The Short Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutierrez." This bullshit was well known BEFORE the "boom" but hey, when it was mostly ethnic people on the bad end... it wasn't considered important.

That Bloomberg could claim ignorance of this is as believable as Rudy claiming to have had dick cancer back in the day.

Anonymous said...

So Tommy can't be trusted to build condos, but building apartments is ok? WTF???