Wednesday, May 30, 2007

LIC industrial relic

Here is a relic of LIC's industrial past. This location is adjacent to the NY Water Taxi dock at Hunters Point. It is the former Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal railroad float bridge. Railcar barges were loaded and unloaded here. The road that this was closest to had been called Pidgeon Street. Wouldn't it be nice to preserve this piece of the area's history and incorporate it into a waterfront park? I mean, hell, if we can spend hundreds of millions of dollars to save the High Line, then... oh, wait, how silly of me. This is in Queens. Bring on the bulldozers!

More photos here: RR Picture BEDT Pidgeon Street Relic

Photo from Windows Live Local


Anonymous said... mere historic relic for me!

Let's re-fit it, restore it and make it a working piece of "haul away-politicos-bullshit-on-a-barge" shipping point!

All that political BS can be shipped out and used to fertilize corn out in the mid-west somewhere.....that can, in turn, be converted into synthetic fuel!

Helen Marshal's contribution will bring a premium price at the hi-test gas!

Anonymous said...

To City Council & High-Liners:

Come to Queens & preserve this relic. We are not a third world borough!