Friday, May 25, 2007

The new ugly library in Elmhurst

Once again, considering how much this thing will cost, we'd expect it to look a lot better!

Plans For New Library Revealed In Elmhurst

The arguments made by preservationists in the crowd were twofold: the first was one of aesthetics. "I certainly don't think glass and that modern design is appropriate for the library," noted one older woman at the meeting. Some critics called it "featureless." Others took issue with the "ice cube" that would serve as the children's room and questioned the wisdom of distracting, possibly traumatizing, children with the view.

"What, are they going to watch all the accidents that happen on Broadway from up there?" asked Margaret Ermish, a lifetime Elmhurst resident and frequent library user.

Good one, Marge!

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Ugly housing and brutal looking institutions.


Thats ok. The locals don't know any better, right?

Anonymous said...

It looks like a big improvement to me. We should appreciate that its being renovated and not just complain about every little thing.

Queens Crapper said...

It's not being renovated. It's being demolished and replaced with this hideous thing.

Anonymous said...

Hah, I know Margaret Ermisch, she's a crazy Born Again bitch, real peach of a woman. But for once, she's got a point.

Anyway, as for the library, it kind of reminds me of that Simpson's episode where Homer gets to design that awful car...

Anonymous said...

Replacing one of the last remaining institutions that was funded by the Andrew Carnegie with 2 glass ice cubes? How much colder can the new design be? The architects should have their head examined.

Why must all our history be obliterated, particularly in Elmhurst where potential landmarks are currently in deficit? Work with the community & historians to keep the Carnegie Library building alive, restore it, and either expand it or secure a lot nearby for an annex. That would bring light to all!

Check out the NY Landmarks Conservancy's call for preservation:

This prominent historic preservation group has provided funding for a number of projects where "preservation & development can co-exist!"

Anonymous said...

"Improvement to me" smelly old ass!

Do you mean as in "home improvement center moderne" or simply "remuddling"?

Go to your optometrist for a new need it!

Anonymous said...

These people here from Queens Crap don't know what they are talking about....The library now is jam packed with people and with the anticipated growing population, the city want to expand the library. Since they can't expand horizontally, they have to gut it down and rebuild the whole library. There no way to save the old architecture of it.

Anonymous said...

Did they design it with their eyes closed??? That thing does not belong in a neighborhood like this! That is something you would see in the city! If the neighborhood officials were so concerned about maintaining the aesthetics of the neighborhood they would have historically registered the building. Historically registered buildings cannot be demolished!!