Monday, May 21, 2007

JFK train derailed

The comfort and convenience of Manhattanites takes precendence over the basic needs of Queensites yet again:

Train to JFK May Lose to Second Avenue Line

If there were an express train from JFK to lower Manhattan, Queens would experience less auto congestion, especially near the airport, as many people would probably opt for the train rather than take an expensive cab ride. In turn, volume in Manhattan would also be alleviated somewhat.

It may also make taking the E train easier, as those with the gigantic rolling suitcases would opt for the lower Manhattan express. If the train made additional stops and allowed others on, it would further reduce overcrowding on the other lines.

But it's more important that Bloomie's pals on the upper east side get a second subway line.

Photo from TQNYC


Anonymous said...

1.5 million people use the Lexington line daily. I think it's a little important to get a new line. In time the link from downtown to JFK will happen.

Anonymous said...

"In time the link from downtown to JFK will happen."

NYC lags far behind other big cities when it comes to transportation to/from its airports. Considering we have 2 of the busiest airports in the nation, if not the world, it's ridiculous that we do not already have a direct connection from the airports to Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Taking the train instead of a cab ride? I remember the Train to the Plane. That was fun lugging luggage on and off and on and off.

If you are a person visiting NYC for a day, say on business, the train is fine.

For everyone else, doubt they would lug all their stuff on public transportation, then cart their stuff to the hotel in NY.

Anonymous said...

They're already doing it on the Air Train, so what's the difference?