Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More green for city - as in money

A new report by the city's chief financial officer that puts the city's fiscal 2007 surplus at $5.6 billion is increasing calls for Mayor Bloomberg to sign off on steeper tax cuts.

Surplus Sum Brings Calls For Tax Cuts

Comptroller William Thompson Jr.'s estimate is $1.2 billion more than Mr. Bloomberg's projection, which he unveiled last month when presenting the city budget.

We still have no money for infrastructure impovements, more DOB inspectors, city planners, etc. Just wanted to make that clear.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter!

The Lion's share of this surplus money will go to Manhattan...... and the outer boroughs (each according to their place in the pecking order) will be handed out a mere pittance for ice cream money!

Convince me that I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

i like property tax reduction !