Monday, May 21, 2007

Greenwich Village wants more landmarks

Hey GV - you don't have enough of your neighborhood landmarked already?

Historic South Village in limbo

Why should Queens County tax revenue go toward supporting yet another Greenwich Village Historic Districts? There are more landmarked buildings in GV than there are in all of Queens. Is the Village that much more historic our entire borough?

Photo from AM NY


Anonymous said...

Good point. We need a new generation of preservationists in Queens whose interest is not acting as courtiers of the Manhattan clique, but walking into the room with their own agenda.

Queens either gets its fair share of the pie, and programs to help the borough's unique needs, or it overturns the apple cart.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan is more important for tourism. I agree that Queens needs landmark protection as well, but it doesn't have to be one or the other like you imply here. I'd like to see both the village and Queens get landmarked more.

Anonymous said...

So would I but remember that do the ineptness of the leadership in Queens, resources that should have gone to us (we are more than 30% of NYC afterall) have gone elsewhere for years; those folks will not be happy to give that up.

Anonymous said...

The Village can take a back seat or go onto the back burner for a while until Queens plays catch up.

By stating that Manhattan is more important for tourism you are saying plainly that Queens is UNIMPORTANT and we don't care for that sniveling and prissy opinion!

The Village can lose a couple of landmarks !

We in Queens say , "WHO CARES"!

You guys never back why should we back you? !!!!

Anonymous said...

These look like 3 rather ordinary run of the mill examples that the Village can afford to lose.

They've got better stuff!

Anonymous said...

Has anybody been deluged by e-mail from Andrew Berman (GVHS) like I have?

I had to spam him!

Honestly....anytime somebody drops a chewing gum wrapper on a historic Greenwich Village becomes the subject of an e-mail!

Anonymous said...

Yes I get plenty of email from him, and hope that it inspires the insepid preservation leadership in Queens, or better yet, some new blood. Why can't we do some of his stunts here?

It is important to see what is going on elsewhere. We already know that often Queens is TOLD something is impossible, while Manhattan is busily DOING it on a regular basis.

Needless to say, our Queens leadership doesn't pick up on this, or fight for us, and God forbid the Manhattan-centric preservation community tips us off that we are being fed crap.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....when pampered privileged Greenwich Village has a preservation/hang-nail issue it quickly rushes to the hospital for surgery! Pussies!

Is Dr. Berman seeing patients today!

Does he have an office (or any interest) in Queens?

We're always called upon to help on Village matters but do we get help in return on Queens issues?

So if GVHS's Dr. Berman isn't there to do for us.....should we be there to do for him?

Anonymous said...

Why should he when our 'leadership' only rushes into Manhattan to drape themselves over some tiresome wine and cheese display as a preservation event.

We need to kick ass. People may gossip, but they will respect you.

Anonymous said...

True 'nuff....last poster!

I'd rather be labeled as a gossiping "gadfly" while pointing out that both a politician's fly and his pockets are open to building industry interests!

At least gossip is considered to be at least 40% accurate when compared to a politico's 80% record of broken promises!