Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Super-sized grid

A $39-million plan to test a "super grid" under the streets of midtown Manhattan to secure the power supply against overload, natural disaster or terrorist attack was announced Monday by the Department of Homeland Security.

NYC to 'super-size' power grid

Gee, it's about time. When will that be done in Queens? You know, where there was massive blackout last summer...

Let 'em know if you think our electrical system is ready to handle the sweltering heat:

Do you trust the power grid is stable heading into summer?

Photo from Lumilux


Anonymous said...

Manhattan is a money making tourist corridor and a mecca for the wealthy!

They'd never leave it to swelter in the dark!

Meanwhile where the power grid first failed miserably.....in Astoria.....it probably won't get fixed properly....just patched up!

Aren't you (logically speaking....of course) supposed to fix what's broken first....where the trouble started?

Normally yes. If it's a TV, computer or any other piece of electronics....you'd pull the damaged circuit board and repair or upgrade it!

But...chuckle, chuckle, chuckle....this is Con Ed and NYC. They have their own way of doing things!

And while Manhattan sucked up a lot of the power generated by the Keyspan Queens plants... they didn't lose power....it was Queens that did! H-m-m-m-m!

Isn't it time that we stopped exporting "OUR JUICE" to that favored island while continuing to remain its deprived country cousin ?

Let Manhattan build some polluting power plants, for example , in Chelsea or on Park Ave. and live like the rest of us Asthma Alley residents do across the East River!

Wadda ya think "Junior" Vallone?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, the politicians tell us that Con Ed (after a century of power service) doesn't know how to deliver the juice, has assigned inept people, and installed shoddy equipment.

And we believe them, right? How dare Con Ed want to increase the utility fees? They should be paying us for the damange they did last summer.

Now that we are through with that, I want to tell you about the shiny new quater the toof fair left under my pillow last night.

Anonymous said...

They dont care about the people this grid test is there a system for broadband over power lines. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_line_communication so they can sell it.
Once installed RF interference will be so bad you will HAVE to buy cable TV, radio reception.
CB, shortwave and ham radio will be jammed. Huge unknown health risks

Power companys now want to sell internet, its all about greed

Anonymous said...

Surprise folks.......on last night's evening TV news it was announced that Con Ed lied!

Their planned 11% rate hike increase to customers is really going to be more like 32%!

Con (job) Edison conspired to keep this under their hats and placate us by low-balling the rate increase!

Hey.....they were the ones who screwed up! Why should we all have to pay for the Astoria blackout?

And if we didn't have so much rampant over development......the electrical grid wouldn't have failed!

We have to protect our power grid from the builders.....they're the real terrorists !