Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jamaica Bank hearing

Leaders Testify To Designate Jamaica Bank A Landmark

"The building embraces architectural aesthetic features which are only visible in a few buildings in Queens," [CB12 chair Gloria] Black testified before the 11-member commission.

With each passing day, there are even less left in that few.

Photo from Queens Chronicle (which desperately needs to reformat their stories for their website)


Anonymous said...

Let's see if Julia Harrison attends this hearing (as a civilian now) to give testimony in favor of designation this time to make up for her vote against it when she was an NYC Councilmember!

Anonymous said...

Julia Harrison is very ill and I doubt whether or not she cares about "making up for her vote" when it didn't matter the last time.

Say what you want about her, but she was there for St. George's, Flushing High School and tried very hard to get some action with the RKO. Those sites were in her district.

What matters now is how many of our Queens Preservationists actually show up and support this effort. Or just stay at home and post rumors on this site.

Anonymous said...

On no, why would they do that?

They are always asked to testify here and testify there and testify everywhere. Running about like headless chickens reading speaches that no one remembers. An effective use of time, don't you think? All sound and fury, as they say, that signifies nothing.

Mean while, those of us who actually earn a living are not to keen on a system that was set up by, and geared to, rich retired former junior league dowagers with plenty of time for attending hearings during the working day and writing letters.

What is needed is a new system of applying pressure. Something a little more up to date and edgy.

Anonymous said...

That's a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Like our friend, ol' Crappie?

Anonymous said... was said before..... in a Democracy everyone's vote could be the deciding vote !

Julia's vote could have made the difference the first time around !

Nobody gets off the hook in an attempt to re-write history and wax nostalgic !

"Didn't matter"......I thought that you weren't going to answer for Ms. Harrison any more !