Thursday, May 31, 2007

AM-NY visits Glendale

The "City Profile" in today's AM-NY is of Glendale, a wonderful, quiet neighborhood in western Queens. See the paper's photo collection and read the report.

Funny thing is, that I just got a complaint letter from a Glendale resident, about this planned bus re-routing:

"See, if you have money and you are a developer, you can do anything. This corner of upper Glendale is being bamboozeled with traffic. They want to re-route the 54 onto Cooper Ave giving us a tremendous amount of traffic, fumes and our quality of life does not seem to count.

We have had that bus on Metropolitan Ave for as long as I can remember. We have a lot of additional traffic on 88th Street and not to mention the 16 school buses for the Yeshiva that travel on this street now. Let's just keep building and make the little tax payer suffer!"

Photo from AM-NY


Anonymous said...

How to do a neighborhood profile in Queens:

This community called [blank] is wonderful and has lots of immigrants.

The real estate is hot and [now put in two thirds of the text].

Anonymous said...

in glendale, queens there is not much of a quality of life. there is one bus - period. a bus on cooper avenue would be a great help. otherwise - to get from myrtle to metropolitan avenue you have to basically walk. which, if you look around is not a bad idea for many glendale residents.

Anonymous said...

I live in Glendale. Its nice that they took pictures of the good parts but we all know that more then half of Glendale (including the part that I live in) has really gone down hill thanks to absentee landlords and incoming Bushwick residents.