Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fat clown cleans house

Though community board members’ terms are usually renewed routinely, Mr. Markowitz on Monday replaced at least five longtime members who had sought reappointment to Community Board 6, which covers the brownstone neighborhoods of Boerum Hill, Park Slope and Carroll Gardens.

Project’s Foes Shown Door in Brooklyn

The five members had one thing in common: they voted yes last year on a resolution denouncing Atlantic Yards, the $4 billion development project that Mr. Markowitz has spent three years and much of his political capital extolling.

...Celia Cacace, who has been on the board since the early 1980s — long before Mr. Markowitz was elected — said that he took her aside at a community event a few months ago to criticize her and her colleagues.

“He said, ‘I’m going to get rid of everybody on the board that voted for this,’ ” according to Ms. Cacace, 71, whose term expires next year. “He says, ‘Remember, you are my appointee.’ Every time I tried to say something he totally lambasted me.”


"If community boards are going to mean anything, they can't be puppets of the borough president," said Daniel Goldstein, spokesman for the Atlantic Yards opposition group Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

"If community boards are going to mean anything, they can't be puppets of the borough president"

People from Queens always marveled, when they went to community board meetings in the other boroughs, that they were, well, COMMUNITY boards, not repositories for obscure hacks and rubberstamps like in our fair borough.

We always hoped that it was an influence that would spread here.

Little did we realize that, like in community preservation, we were the template for the rest of the city.

Should be interesting as to how long the other boroughs will have faith in this system if they start acting like some of these boards found in Queens.

Yet another reason that Mahatttan should stop looking down at Queens and get involved in helping us out here.

We are a labotory today for your fate tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It's high time for community board members to be elected by the people
and their purely advisory role replaced with real binding decisions!

Community boards are nothing but a token form of democratic participation of the neighborhoods they're supposed to represent!

We must abolish them and set up a real system of community representation!

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked, shocked to find politics in a politically-appointed body like a community board.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting; my official sobriquet for the last two years however, has been "Fat Drunk Troll." it was bestowed upon me by an anonymous Brooklynite who mocked me at the grand opening of an Eckerd's drug store after I said "And this is exactly what Brooklyn needs..." Then came the cheer of the an onlooker--

"Shut the fuck up you fat drunk troll." What about the THREE mom & pop pharmacies a block away?

That # has since been reduced to one.

BTW, Troll here refers to the diminutive, frightening creature of legend. The drunk part should be obvious, & is common knowledge among those who know Marty in any social capacity, including Bruce Ratner, Charles Gargano, Amanda Burden and Dan Doctoroff, all of whom have huge flaws but being a blithering juicer isn't one of them. Some might say that makes them WORSE; I say they're all evil.

Anonymous said...

Marty Markowitz is a clown, plain and simple. This guy should not be elected dog catcher much less BP. Shame on the people of Brooklyn for giving this moron any power whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

"Bruce Ratner, Charles Gargano, Amanda Burden and Dan Doctoroff, all of whom have huge flaws"

Be interesting to hear about that!

Anonymous said...

Dennis Pee Gallagher for Brooklyn Borough President!

CAMPAIGN SLOGAN: Although he's also a a clown at least he's not as fat as Marty.