Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Green Church in peril

Queens has St. Saviour's, Brooklyn has the Green Church in danger of demolition and development.

Photo from Forgotten-NY


Anonymous said...

What a travesty it would be to bulldoze it or disassemble the property in any way. I call on my elected officials to be proactive. Save the Green Church & St. Saviour's!

Anonymous said...

Look, I heard from a good source that all the older mainline churches are running about 50% in attendence from even a decade ago.

There is a big effort to develop these buildings. This will have a major impact on our communities. These religous buildings will go the way of community movie theatres.

And the preservation community is not doing a thing about this (except of course, working with the developers in the outer boroughs and spending 90% of their grant money, which should go to everyone, only in Manhattan)

Anonymous said...

As we all sit welded to our computer screens in lieu of participating in..... REAL LIFE......perhaps we may have become accomplices in matters like these!

Religion and the the old song says, may have become "passing fancies".... but if......" our love is here to stay" (for these architectural treasures) then we'd all better get up off our butts and start kicking ass!

Begin with our politicians who are anti-landmarking and in the pockets of the developers like loose change!

Anonymous said...

Well and good to try to preserve these old religious structures, but who will pay to maintain them? And what will they be used for?

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of creative adaptive re-use of architectural treasures (it's done everywhere else in the world) unimaginative wet blanket?

You are truly a stupid Barbarian!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that ad-hominem invective was part of the discussion.

georgetheatheist said...

Ad hominem AND ad feminam invective is part of Queens Crap! That's why we love it!!!