Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Crap in the back

"Here is a nice little job, at 64-20 35 Ave: a conversion of a 2 family into a 3 family dwelling without filing for a new C of O. I especially adore the "relocated interior stair to exterior" and stating that there is no change in egress, occupancy or use. Hey, it's a post modern slum! Congrats to building inspectors who say all work complies as per approved plans...too bad the plans don't comply with the rules and regulations of the City of New York!!" - anonymous


Anonymous said...

"A post modern slum"

add this to



"hanging junkyards"

as some of the most interesting (and colorful) of newly coined descriptive concepts in preservation that I have heard in a number of years. And Crappie has been around only a few months.

This board is at the cutting edge of community preservation. It is an amazing example of the human spirit, that when an area is kept down in grinding backwardness (as Queens is in preservation, lets face it), that these examples of the spark of the human imagination can jump to the fore.

hooper said...

How about these:

Art Crappo - when a builder tries to use a modernist retro-style to disguize his cheap piece of crap.

Crapaissance - the addition of gaudy columns, busts and fountains to adorn an ugly brick piece of QC.

Still, my favorite term is the Katz litter box.

Maybe we should write a glossary of overdevelopment.

Anonymous said...

So this conformed to the building plans? Did the plans read as follows?

Leave half-finihsed brick wall at rear entrance.

Attach cheap aluminum ladder for use as entrance to upper residence

Cover entrance to upper residence with cardboard

Paint Cardboard black to look classy.

Leave extra construction materials in back yard as decoration.