Sunday, May 20, 2007

Denied access

Who has the right to access the waterfront under Michael R. Bloomberg?

A) Developers
B) Businesses established too far out on the coastline
C) People who live in hi-rise luxury condos
D) The local residents in the area (exclusive of C)

(Hint: the answer is all but one of the above. Can you guess which one?)

Duo fights for beachfront

Photo from Forgotten NY


Anonymous said...

Come on, guys! The mayor by himself could not stop anyone from the waterfront.

The problem has the same root cuase as so many other issues cited on this board. The political CULTURE of our fair city, from top to bottom, dictates this unfortunate and shameful policy of public access.

The mayor, yes, but also the city council, elected officials from every level of government, down to the community boards.

It is the silence of the media that makes them partners to this crime.

And honestly, all these civic groups in Queens have remained curiously silent on this too, which makes for some head scratching.

Only in communties with a strong civic tradition do you have public
waterfront access. Alas, none seem to exist in Queens.

I would invite the readers of this board to look into, and publicly comment, on the treament of public waterfront access in Manhattan and the country.

You will find that Queens is 180 degress off the mark. Go ahead!

Anonymous said...

Um, shouldn't the answer be C and D? Aren't these "People who live in hi-rise luxury condos" local residents, too?

Queens Crapper said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I clarified D a bit.

Anonymous said...

" "Every decision has been in our favor," said Scott Shorr, senior counsel in the city's law department. "Individuals do not have a right to sue city agencies under the act." "

This smug bowl floater actually knows that federal law requires that public access to any ocean beach in the country is a right for all citizens.

But he and Bloomberg (who only relaxes in the Bahamas - probably couldn't find the Rockaways) don't want any "Little People" exercising their rights in defiance of any developer's needs.

Mr. George and Mr. Bader, congratulations on your defiant persistence. Keep plugging!