Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Building Boom-Doggle" series concludes

The Daily News' series on construction corruption concludes today with stories of how HPD homes are so shoddy that they are falling apart:

Dream denied

Bloomie is all of a sudden very concerned about the situation, which, of course, he claims he knew nothing about even though civic leaders have complained to him about it for years:

Mayor vows to investigate city's building scofflaws

And the paper is so adamant that the city clean up its act that it wrote not one, but two editorials on the matter:

Cracks in the foundation

Contractor crackdown

Photo from the Daily News


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Daily News is running this series. Are you guys for sale like the rest of our papers?

Maybe they read Queens Crap and realized how out of control the problem is.

Anonymous said...

No.....when the dust clears nothing significant will be done to improve the DOB or the safety issues etc. involved with quick on the cheap over development that's running rampant throughout NYC !

This would put a crimp in the pipeline of cash that flows freely from developers into politicians' pockets !

All this editorial expose series shit is just about selling newspapers !

Bloomberg will react as expected......"Oops I didn't know it was this bad.....I sympathize......let's see what we can do (heh, heh, heh) ".

Then he'll put a band-aid on the boo boo and it will return to business as usual with a minor tweak at correction !

Anonymous said...

Wow! Bloomberg must really be furious with the corrupt DOB! He had a meeting with Lancaster.

That frightened all the miserable inspectors and developers.

But, will Bloomberg do anything? Absolutely NO! He will do nothing to cut the flow of corrupt money between developers, DOB, and the cheesy city council members who live off the poop from developers.

Remember: Bloomberg is a DEVELOPER! Bloomberg never forgets. Neither should any of us!