Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quinn hires disbarred attorney

A disbarred lawyer wins a patronage job with Christine Quinn's council:

Hack Attack

Benjamin, 55, lost his license to practice law back in 1994 when an appellate court upheld 15 charges against him of professional neglect. His disbarment, however, hasn't noticeably harmed his political career. He has spent 30 years in one decently paying patronage post or another.

Photo from Village Voice.


Anonymous said...

I hear the lady will be coming out with a new line of business suits - all in Tweed.

Anonymous said...

Settin a nice example. Will certainly mention this to my students when we study local government.

Hope they don't get the wrong message.

verdi said...

No surprise here.....a disbarred lawyer is the only kind that the City Council can trust to "play ball" !