Wednesday, May 2, 2007

All aboard the Queens Crap express! (part 3)

Last stop, Flushing!

Taken from a moving LIRR train, facing north.

Elmhurst, part 1
Corona, part 2


Anonymous said...

Maybe Councilman Liu, chair of the Transportation Committee should take this ride!

No......I guess he prefers to take his constituents for a ride!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at that photo of Murray Hill. It's a disgrace with all that graffiti. The MTA would never allow a station in Manhattan to linger in that condition. But hey, in Queens, riders get crapped on.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the police monitoring that station, if not in person, then at least with cameras?

Anonymous said...

Jeez...what the hell is going up in that last photo? It looks enormous. And on a salt marsh, too.

Anonymous said...

The Broadway Flushing station gets its grafitti removed (almost) daily! This prime area has got more political "juice" than Murray Hill!

My guess is that tabs are being kept by the LIRR on the Murray Hill station's use by passengers and they are considering closing it at a later date.....just like the former Elmhurst station!

The Auburndale station got a great new face lift. It's an up and coming neighborhood.....while Murray Hill is, apparently, in decline as a premier residential location. This might explain a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hey....shouldn't that sign read "Drain St. Flush-town" on the shot of the LIRR platform?

It would be much more appropriate!