Friday, April 6, 2007

All aboard the Queens Crap express! (part1)

First stop, Elmhurst:

Taken from a moving LIRR train, facing north

Corona, part 2
Flushing, part 3


Anonymous said...

Drones for the service industry of Manhattan.

As density increases expect these places to be further subdivided/

Thank you machine. You have destroyed a vibrant old community, but they vote the right way (the small portion that does.) They are the rank and file of the tweeded and most importantly, transient so they are outta here while you crank out the same crap year in and year out.

Don't you just love it?

Yes folks, Elmhurst is indeed the future of Queens.

That is until we get those bums out.

dave in milwaukee (orig. frm Qns) said...

The lovely buildings in the last few photos apparently were designed in the celebrated architectural style known as "Modern American Correctional." All they have to do is add some razor wire and guard towers to complete the look.

Anonymous said...

I just rode the LIRR yesterday and saw the same view.

What kind of people would want to pay mucho $$$$$$$ to live by the railroad in one of these "luxury"side tracked freight cars passing for housing?